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* ABOUT PCI COMPLIANCE: The easiest and cheapest way to become PCI Compliant is to stop accepting credit cards. Cancel your credit card merchant agreement and accept alternative payments like cash, money orders, wire transfers, checks, etc. Be creative and screw the credit card industry, you don't need them. But on the other hand if you absolutely have to be PCI Compliant, we can do unfortunately. Ho hum ...


Selecting an ecommerce solution is an important decision with significant implications. The Build|Stores Magento Ecommerce solution will provide the best possible buying experience for your customers while giving you cutting edge SEO marketing features and complete ecommerce functionality you need to manage and grow your online business.

Unlike most firms, Build | Stores doesn't just launch your online store. We continually improve the software and provide design, SEO, marketing, and programming services to help you achieve your business objectives.

Key Features and Benefits:

1) Search Engine Optimized – Drive Targeted Customers to Your Website
2) All-in-One Solution – Everything You Need to Sell Online
3) Easy to Use – Save Time and Money
4) Fully Managed Hosting & Backups – You Have Time to Sell
5) Free Technical Support – Your Questions are Answered by Experts
6) Free Training Manual & Videos – Learn to Manage Your Storefront When You Want
7) No Transaction or Hidden Fees – Increase Your Profit
8) Completely Web Based Administration - No Software to Install, Manage Your Store in Your Web Browser


Selecting an organization to design and build your website is an important decision with significant implications. You want to work with a vendor who will enhance your business image and promote professionalism. But finding that vendor can be a challenge. Build|Stores has experienced Graphic & Web Designers on staff. They have years of experience turning our customers ideas into reality. In addition to the high quality, professional design, you site will be built on a Joomla CMS Website Platform which enables you to manage and publish information directly on your website. An easy-to-use WYSIWYG online editor is provided for editing, and creating content directly on the web.

Key Features & Benefits:

1) Professional Website Design – Enhance Your Corporate Image and Establish Brand Recognition
2) Web Based Site Editor – Easily Update Your Website From any Web Browser
3) Blogging is Built-in - Connect with a Wider Audience and Build an Community
4) Web 2.0 RSS Feeds – Streamlines Communication Between You and Your Website Readers
5) Search Engine Optimized - SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs and Submission to over 400 Search Engines Jump Starts Your Website Promotion


Websites designed to allow multiple users to publish content themselves are social networks (ie My Space, Facebook, etc). The information may be on any subject and may be for consumption by (potential) friends, mates, employers, employees, etc. The sites typically allow users to create a "profile" describing themselves and to exchange public or private messages and list other users or groups they are connected to in some way. There may be editorial content or the site may be entirely user-driven. Content may include text, images, video or any other media.

Social networks on the the web are a natural extension of mailing lists and bulletin boards. They are related to Wikis but typically do not allow users to modify content once submitted and published, though usually you can publish comments on others' submissions. Different sites have different emphasis. For example, Friends Reunited  focuses on listing former acquaintances; My Space is music-oriented; LinkedIn aims to connect business partners; are for exchanging links to favorite web sites. Sometimes the social aspects are a side-effect of bringing together people with shared interests.


Conversion is the king of effective online marketing. Online marketing is an industry in constant change. Current methods to bring about conversion are split marketing, link building, and search engine optimization. The main tool of good online marketing is a method of measurement. Can you measure the efficiency of your online marketing efforts? What is the ratio of online marketing dollars spent compared to actual conversion revenues received? Are your conversion strategies working?

Search Engines today drive more than 85% of Internet traffic. Thus, if your website is not listed well on search engines for the right keywords, your competitors are making the money and you are not.  It is very important for a website to have an effective search engine optimization (SEO) plan in order to position the website well in the overall rankings of each keyword. Utilizing webpage optimization, relevant inbound link building, and split marketing to increase your website's conversion rate, search engine visibility, and rankings is the only way to keep your website alive and accomplishing your purpose. The focus of SEO is to increase conversion rates.

Build|Stores Pay-Per-Position program is aimed at delivering the maximum return on investment for your PPC expenditures with an eye on high conversions, higher Click Thru Ratio (CTR), and lower cost of customer acquisition. Using a bidding mechanism, advertisers can choose to have ads listed higher or lower for a keyword, depending on what position they want their PPC ads to appear on, and how much they are willing to bid for the same.